Rachelle Llanes

I find it most important to understand, investigate and cater to my client’s needs. My passion for helping others led to getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. During this time, I worked as a Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics and found my artistic passion. I was able to balance and combine these skills, creating what I refer to as Makeup Service Therapy. I cared so much for each individual that sat in my chair and made sure they left feeling beautiful and confident both inside and out.

After twelve years of experience working with other brands, I expanded my business offering to other services including brow shaping/waxing, microblading and facials. As a business owner, I’ve become more passionate about what I do as an artist and continuing my education. My services are tailored to each individuals needs to make sure they leave feeling educated.

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5520 E. 2nd Street, Long Beach, CA 90803