What is Business Interruption Coverage (BIC)?

BIC is a rider on your Business Personal Property Insurance Policy. It replaces lost income and extra expenses while the business is going through repairs necessary to get it back up and running again after a covered loss.

Is BIC the same as Property Coverage?

BIC is not the same as property insurance but is tied to a Business Personal Property Insurance policy. Property insurance covers the replacement of damaged or stolen property. BIC covers the lost income associated with the damaged or stolen property.

Covered Losses

The business interruption coverage you may have with Allied Beauty Experts is a rider on your property coverage policy.

Covered Loss Due to:

  • Theft*
  • Windstorm Damage*
  • Water Damage*
  • Fire Damage*

*exclusions do apply

Please refer to your Property Certificate of Insurance in the Full Policy documents to learn more about what your policy insures against and what your policy does not insure against.

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