If you have paid any attention to reality TV or popular media, you may have heard of vaginal rejuvenation. Whether surgical or non surgical, Medispas, clinics and doctors are promising results of tighter, more youthful vaginas with their outpatient procedures. Celebs, like Kim Kardashian and Kelly Dodd, have popularized the non surgical procedures by endorsing them on their reality TV shows. But what is non surgical rejuvenation?

But what is non surgical rejuvenation?

Many women have suffered gynecological issues due to giving vaginal birth, surviving cancer, familial genes, or from the natural aging process. Although the vagina is an elastic muscle, there are times that it loses that elasticity resulting in stress urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, and painful intercourse. Understandably, women are looking for a way to increase their quality of life and sexual satisfaction, some would just like for their vagina to look better. Non surgical vaginal rejuvenation has fast become an avenue for those women. Utilizing radio frequency energy and laser treatments to ‘tighten’ the vaginal canal and labia by using a handheld device that damages the skin cells; in theory causing the skin to repair itself by producing collagen and elastin in the treated area to tighten the skin. The use of the device can be done on the outer skin of the vagina as well as trans vaginally, depending on the patient’s requested results.

According to the FDA energy-based devices, such as the RF and laser devices, have been cleared for the destruction of abnormal or precancerous cervical or vaginal tissue and genital warts. However, the use of these devices have not been approved by the FDA, they have strongly cautioned patients considering the procedure and healthcare providers against deviating from the original use of these devices for gynecology applications. Although surgical procedures have been approved for vaginal laxity, atrophy, and stress urinary incontinence, non surgical procedures have reportedly caused adverse results. Vaginal burns, scarring, painful intercourse, and chronic pain have all been reported in patients after having energy-based ‘rejuvenation’ procedures.

As with all procedures, risk and benefit are something you must take into consideration when offering a new service in your Medispa or trying that new service. Vaginal rejuvenation is a procedure that needs to be scrutinized closely as the risks appear to outweigh any benefit; the client should be referred to a physician specializing in cosmetic or therapeutic vaginal treatments so as not to incur costly insurance claims or lawsuits. Vaginal rejuvenation is one of many celebrity fads that should be overlooked.

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