FDA Issues Warnings To Clinics Offering Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments

Vaginal Rejuvenation treatments are something that a lot of clinics are advertising. The number of women that are opting to go in for it is increasing at a significant rate. While most women want a more young and fruitful area and believe this treatment could work, it is not FDA approved. A numerous amount of women have experienced a number of awful side effects. These treatments have not been shown to increase sexual pleasure, tighten muscles, or relieve pain during sexual intercourse.

FDA Intervention

Some women feel like this procedure is a risk simply because there is no scientific evidence to back it up. There has been no long-term scientific research conducted for this kind of treatment procedure. It isn’t something that has been approved by the FDA. In fact, the organization came forth with a warning. The first action from the FDA was sending out a notification to a few medical spas and clinics that are providing this service. Also warning patients and doctors of their concerns. The FDA has also warned the general public against getting these procedures. FDA intervention is never done unless the organization deems it to be incredibly necessary. The lasers and ultrasound machines used for certain procedures are FDA approved for certain treatments.  For example, the treatments are removing genital warts and hysterectomies. Clinics make use of these lasers and ultrasounds to be able to provide the patient with the treatment that they desire, such as Vaginal Rejuvenation. Without any research to support the claim that these requirements can help patients, there is little that clinics can do to refute this restriction that is being imposed.

What The Treatment Claims To Offer

Seven clinics are currently offering this kind of treatment. The advertisement is along the lines of “a painless procedure that can help restore a woman’s intimate area, and make intercourse a lot more enjoyable”. The procedures are always publicized to make it seem like it is something that enables a woman to take control of their intimate health. However, the FDA says these companies have not gone through correct approval processes for these procedures. One of the more elite advertising is coming from celebrities such as Jada Pinkett-Smith or Kim Kardashian. Both celebs claim to have had this procedure done themselves. Again, this is not proven.

Why FDA Intervention Was Necessary

The FDA has become actively involved in this issue when several reports from patients emerged. Women are filing complaints about their experience to the organization. Some complaints involved pain during intercourse, chronic pain, vaginal burning, and scarring. Nevertheless, these treatments are causing more trouble than they should. These complaints are very serious. If you are thinking about getting this procedure done, be sure to do your own investigation. Talk with your gynecologist before going to a clinic for a consultation. Make sure your body is in good health. Be aware of any and all risks that are involved with these procedures. Being transparent with your gynecologist and plastic surgeon is vital. With the FDA stepping in, more of these clinics can make necessary steps into getting these procedures approved.  Until then use extreme caution while searching for the best procedures for yourself.