As you may or may not know scalp micropigmentation is a form of tattooing. This treatment is used to replicate the appearance of short hair, fill in areas that are showing thinning or hair loss and can also create a hairline. Scalp micropigmentation is a tad bit more complicated than your regular tattoo. It involves depositing a tiny amount of pigment into the skins dermal layer. When applied correctly the appearance shows as natural shaven hair. The procedure can be tailor-made to suit all skin tones, from Hispanic, African-American, Asian or Caucasian skin.

Maintaining the SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) look is rather simple and may require some touch- up treatments. SMP usually fades almost immediately after the treatment which creates a more permanent look. Touch ups can be done once every three to six years depending on what the client would like. Men you have received SMP are recommended to use hair clippers or razors to keep their natural hair short and moisturize their scalp regularly to ensure that their skin stays healthy.

The SMP process as soon as the client’s mind is made up about taking this step. The client will usually make the first initial contact by reaching out to the clinic via phone or booking the appointment online. Once the appointment has been booked the client will then attend a face to face consultation to go over all of the details and requirement of SMP, along with scheduling a date for the procedure to take place. Two to three sessions are usually scheduled about a week or two apart to complete the SMP process. During the actual scalp micropigmentation process, a cartridge with three needles is typically the tool used. The needles will work together to gently inject the pigment into the second dermal layer of the skin.

THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY Results will vary from person to person and skin type along with care of the scalp after treatments have been completed. The best results also differ from practitioner to practitioner. Always look for the most credited and reputable practitioner for SMP treatments in your area. Hair loss in men and women can be very mentally and emotionally stressful and wearing on an individual. SMP can boost someone’s confidence and appearance in their eyes and the eyes of others. They’re usually no side effects after treatments however, allergies can occur on a very rare occasion. Side effects can take place in a clinic if it is poorly maintained. Cleanliness and hygiene that are not kept up can result in rare side effects.

As people grow and change so do their opinions of themselves. Someone who has gotten SMP can change the way their hairline or hairstyle looks. Scalp Micropigmentation can be revised or even reversed! Most of these changes can alter the hairline, adding shape to the sides of the head or even adding sideburns. Estimated costs are listed below (these are for a few treatments)

Hairline or crown work (only): $1200-2500

Scar treatment (only): $600-1,500

Standard Procedure: $1,500-4,500

Standard Procedure with scars: $1,800-5,500