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Have you been looking for an online calendar solution? We have created a state of the art, interactive appointment booking system that is easy for clients to use, and will allow you to optimize your schedule.Your clients will click “Book Appointment Now” on your site and go to a customized booking interface. They can choose a service provider and service from the menu and a time and date on the calander of available time slots for that provider.

After entering contact information the appointment is set and your client will receive an email confirmation. You can check your appointments either from the SpaPoint backend or on your Google calander. Later, you are able to pull data on which services, technicians and customers are bringing you the most business.

Other online booking services limit the amount of technicians you have and the amount of appointments you can book per month, we don’t! Business Mobile

Our Online Calendar Booking System Includes:

  • No Contract
  • Appointments by time, date, technician or service
  • Confirmation notices to the customer by email
  • Numerous reporting and analysis features
  • Seamless Integration with Google Calendar
  • Unlimited admins and technicians
  • Unlimited number of appointments

Only $69 per month