Being Social Is A Full Time Job

Do you struggle to keep up with all the new social media platforms? Have you tried to utilize Facebook or Twitter for promoting your business and had little success? Is there not enough time in the day to keep your social presence fresh, exciting, and engaging for your audience?

We have a new program where we will construct or rebuild your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Using personalized content, coupled with proven social media marketing techniques, we will make your social media pages work to drive your business. We write all the content and manage the response feedback loop, creating increased activity both online and through your doors. We also include promotion of your signature treatments, new specials or holiday offerings, to both emphasize your brand and highlight your offerings.

Most other social media services are trying to charge you the most they can for as little actual work possible. They will post a generic article on your profiles for your industry vertical, the same ones they post for everyone else in the same industry. Then they will ignore your profiles for a couple weeks or make junk posts until it is time for a new article. They never engage your followers by following up on comments to your posts and profiles. Think of the difference it makes to simply acknowledge the existence of your potential clients. This is what we do that the others don’t. We offer personal engagment that builds the relationship that leads to sales.

Our social media marketing techniques will draw visitors to your sites, and create the buzz needed to have a profitable online presence. Both packages include:

  • New posts several times per week
  • Content that matches your target audience
  • Only recent and breaking content
  • Trusted and reputable sources
  • Commentary formatted to platform best practices
  • Call-to-action introducing every link shared

  • Packages

    Starter Pack

    • Social Media Account Set‐Up
    • Custom Cover Design
    • Daily Content For Facebook, Twitter & Google+
    • Engagement via Comments, Likes and Shares
    • Moderation and Spam Removal

    $100 Set Up
    $249 Monthly Cost

    Power Pack

    All of the “Starter Pack” plus:

    • Daily content for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked‐In & Instagram
    • Ad Design ‐ Contest Creation and Management

    $200 Set Up
    $399 Monthly Cost