In the past men’s grooming consisted of mostly shampoo, body soap, cologne, and shaving creams. Today men’s grooming market is a billion dollar a year industry, estimated to grow to $18.92 billion by 2027. These sales include facial cleansers, sunscreens, and more recently cosmetics. While many men still struggle with the idea of walking into Sephora or Ulta to purchase cosmetic products, direct to consumer companies are thriving in the digital age.

It is easier than ever to find the products you want online and have them delivered to you either as a one time purchase or on a recurring basis; men’s cosmetics is no different. With companies like Stryx and War Paint, guys are able to peruse the website and find the exact products they want in the comfort of their homes, no pushy sales person asking if they are doing ok. Both brands offer starter kits, with everything from concealer to tinted moisturizer, in discrete black packaging that most would dismiss as standard grooming products. War Paint also offers bronzing powder, beard/brow gel, and application tools.

High end, luxury brands are getting in on the men’s makeup game too. Chanel has a product line, Boy De Chanel, ranging from moisturizer and foundation to eyebrow pencils and nail polish. Tom Ford has a men’s line that comes in a slim, sleek, dark brown packaging that would fit well in any toiletry kit. Whether you are looking for a light concealer for your under eyes or a beard and brow pencil, these brands are sure to have the products to meet your needs.

While it may seem silly that men would need a cosmetics line specifically marketed for them, makeup has traditionally only been marketed towards women. Men want to feel confident and put their best face forward just as much as women do. Men’s skin tends to be more oily and hairy, formulas specifically to target this really appeals to guys, especially when they know the product isn’t going to look cakey or fake on the skin. Why not try a little concealer or mattifying powder when you have a big meeting coming up?

Now that working from home has become more commonplace, many men have decided to opt for a bearded look and focus more on skin care and making sure their skin looks great for video conferences and calls. This new era of business has really fueled the growth for men’s grooming companies. While shaving products may be on the decline, clearly the numbers trending for the men’s cosmetics industry will continue to increase and hopefully the stigma around men wearing makeup will decrease.

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