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Spa Insurance Tips

Whether you own a medical spa or a day spa, the treatments and services you provide to your clients involve a high level of personal interaction. That personal interaction can be a huge liability risk. Medical spas in particular face larger risks due to the procedures they do, including laser hair removal and other procedures utilizing medical equipment.

You can protect yourself from the financial disaster of a lawsuit by purchasing a comprehensive spa insurance policy.

The most important coverage for a medical spa is professional liability for each employee who provides treatment. 

How does this apply to independent contractors who work for you?

  • A spa can cover independent contractors under their policy, but only for work at their business. 
  • Spas that list independents should charge them for the technician premium to further reinforce the separation between the spas business and theirs. 
  • If the contractor has their own coverage the spa should make sure they are added as an ‘additional insured’ to the policy and track the expiration date. The spa doesn’t want to be exposed because the technician didn’t renew.




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