Insurance Liability Policy Terms

Group Professional Liability Insurance $1,000,000 Professional, Premises, and Product Liability Insurance $3,000,000 Policy Aggregate $5,000 Med Pay Defense costs incurred in the defending of a claim made against you will reduce your policy’s coverage limits by the amount of the costs. Policy language controls and supersedes any representation on this application. Additional insureds, locations, and technicians must be declared and additional premium paid for coverage to be effective. Listed technicians must be properly licensed and meet their state requirements for any treatments they perform. Terrorism coverage is rejected and excluded. For Permanent Cosmetics, Medi-Spa and Laser treatments, an ABE approved consent and release form must be signed by all clients and kept on file by the insured. Does not include workers’ compensation insurance or owned or non-owned automobile liability coverage. Contents coverage requires an additional premium. Skin Care, Beauty Salons, Electrolysis, and Massage Does not cover chemical peels designed to remove live tissue. All electrolysis and chemical peels require the use of a consent and release form. Does not cover any medical procedures, body piercing, body modification, or communicable disease transmission. Spider vein and skin tag treatment restricted to high frequency or cryoprobe equipment only. Laser Hair Removal All treatments must be performed according to the treatment protocol as defined by the Allied Beauty Experts laser parameters chart. Does not cover price disputes or claims of unsatisfactory results. The applicant understands that they will be charged a $600 per year, per tech recertification fee. The applicant must abide by insurance and certification requirements and by all state laws and regulations to participate in the program. Program conditions may change upon 30 days notice. No refunds are available for early cancellation or withdrawal from the insurance or certification program. Permanent Cosmetics Coverage requires approved sterilization procedures, use of an approved Consent and Release form, and before and after photos. Does not cover the removal or attempted removal of pigment by a technician unless camouflage coverage is selected. Does not include camouflage work unless endorsed. Does not cover allergic reaction to anesthetics. Does not include school coverage unless endorsed. The insurance afforded is subject to all of the terms of the policy, including endorsements, applicable thereto. Notice of Cancellation: In the event of cancellation of the above-certified coverages, the company will endeavor to mail 90 days written notice of cancellation to certificate holder and/or additional insured, but failure to mail such notice shall impose no obligation or liability of any kind upon the company, its agents or representatives. A 10 day notice of cancellation shall apply for cancellation due to non-payment of premium. The policy has a 90 day minimum and is fully earned, no refunds available for early cancellation by the customer.