A recent Inc.com story projects the multi-billion dollar hair removal industry, especially laser hair removal, to get even bigger.  I posed a question to a number of groups asking if the quality of the technicians performing the laser treatments is keeping up with the industry’s growth.  I’m curious about this because one of our more important programs is our Insurance Program and a large portion of insurance claims are due to laser burns that could have, and more importantly should have, been avoided.

When we receive an insurance application from a spa or medispa that utilizes laser hair removal, we look for the education and experience of the technician performing the laser treatments.  From an insurance perspective, these technicians have historically posed the biggest risk with 62% of our claims coming from laser hair removal treatments.  In response to this, ABE developed and received accreditation for our CLP exam (Certified Laser Professional) to create a credible measurement that verifies skill level to operate a laser – keeping clients safe and establishing an industry standard.

Several laser schools around the country utilize the CLP exam as a key component to their curriculum, making sure students know the fundamentals and the intricacies of laser hair removal to keep their clients safe, as well and keeping their business safe from malpractice claims.   Allied Beauty Experts has always been committed to advancing the development and success of our members.  We believe that continuing education is an important way to stay up to speed on industry standards and to establish and improve skills and professionalism.  It’s invaluable to the member, their clients, and their business.

We provide a comprehensive study guide along with our online exam.  The CLP exam consists of 100 questions that must be answered in 120 minutes and touches on several key issues pertaining to laser safety, terminology, applications, background and specifications.