In the ever-changing world of style and fashion. The look of eyebrows and eyelashes has been incredibly dynamic over the last few years. While thin brows used to be in, fashion is now favoring thicker, natural brows with fuller lashes. You’ve probably heard about tinting, coloring, and other treatments for your brows and lashes. Here is your complete guide for what all of these procedures can do for you: Lash Tint and Brow Tint Many women, especially blondes, kick up a fuss about the fact that their eyelashes and eyebrows are essentially invisible. Without the use of mascara or brow filler, eyelashes and brows are very hard to notice. Lash tint or brow tint is a quick and easy solution. These procedures use a special dye to make your eyelashes darker and more noticeable. Both generally considered safe. Though in rare cases people have experienced an allergic reaction to the dye used. It is also incredibly important to keep your eyes closed during any eyelash tinting procedure. While the dye is safe on your face, it will not be safe in your eye. The results last about three to six weeks. Your brows and lashes will  look thick and distinct even when you have no make-up on. Lash Lifts A lash lift is a little more expensive and a little more difficult. Essentially, pads are placed under a person’s eyes and their lashes are painted with a keratin serum treatment. The lashes to dry for about half an hour. The end result is thicker, healthier lashes that have a better curve and shape. This treatment is incredibly popular with the Instagram make-up artist community and is a rising trend among celebrities. This treatment is so far considered generally very safe, aside from the slight chance of an allergic reaction to the keratin. Experts say to be cautious with this treatment, seeing that it is so new and there is always a little bit of risk involved when it comes to putting a foreign substance on your eyelashes. Overall, the results of lash lifts are pretty impressive; after the treatment, the user has the appearance of wearing heavy mascara with a natural, gorgeous look. However, the jury is still out on the long-term effects of lash lifts, so proceed with caution and go to a credible salon specialist if you choose to get this lash treatment.   Lash Extensions Extensions are one of the most popular beauty procedures trending right now. They involve a specialist attaching fake lashes to your existing lashes. The process can take up to an hour and a half, and just like tinting, it is very important to keep your eyes closed the entire time. Lash extensions are customizable. Different colors and lengths can be used to make them look as natural as possible. It is incredibly important to go to a trustworthy and credible salon or technician to get eyelash extensions; when placed improperly they can cause your existing lashes to fall out. It is also important to care for your extensions. They will need to be serviced or replaced every 2-3 weeks, which can be a big investment. Counter to popular belief, you can wear makeup on your extensions, however, this may make them not last quite as long and if done right, you really shouldn’t need mascara. Once you have your lash extensions placed, DO NOT try to remove them on your own. Odds are, you will rip out all of your natural lashes in the process. Instead, visit a specialist or wait until the extensions fall out naturally on their own.   Risks To Be Aware Of As we mentioned, it is quite possible to be allergic to the dyes used, which can result in an allergic reaction. This is particularly uncomfortable on your face. It is important to test out serums. Your hand or arm should be perfect for testing. Another risk is the possibility of your eyelashes falling out, which can happen if you do not go to a credible beautician. Extensions, lifts, as well as brow and lash tinting, can eliminate your need for eyelash and eyebrow makeup and can execute your features without the need for make-up. While these procedures can work wonders, it can not be stressed enough how important it is to visit a professional for your beauty needs. Trying any of these treatments at home could compromise your lashes and brows and totally reverse the effect you are trying for!