Every beauty conscious person is familiar with Jade Rollers is. It could be that you own one, or have had a facial where one was used. Perhaps you just know what it is because you have read an article similar to this one about the product.

Jade rollers are stone handled rolling pins with a cylinder of smooth jade stone on the end. They are intended to be used for facial massages and spreading oils or serums on the face. They can be placed in the fridge for a few minutes before use to add to the cooling benefits and depuffing under the eyes along with increased blood flow in the face that aids in lymphatic draining.

Are they really what they are cracked up to be?

When it comes to jade rollers, they are not all alike. There are actually 2 different minerals that have been referred to as ‘jade’, they look extremely similar to the untrained eye, but are actually very different. Jadeite, also known as Imperial Jade, and nephrite, known in New Zealand as Maori Jade, are the mineral stones that have been known together as ‘jade’ for many years. Jadeite is a very rare and can come in many color variations and is typically more translucent, whereas Nephrite is more abundant and only comes in more opaque green colors and a creamy white variation. The best way to know if you are purchasing a true piece of jade is the price, high quality jade starts in the hundreds of dollars while very low quality jade can be a few dollars.

These rollers have been known to cause some issues in the world of skincare. One of the biggest reasons jade rollers can cause an issue in skin care is because jade is a porous material; bacteria will cling to the roller and cause breakouts and other issues for the skin. Another issue is that the stone used for these rollers, especially the ones priced under $10, are most likely not made of jade at all, leaving you to wonder where the stone came from. Manufacturers have been able to replicate jade using other cheaper minerals such as marble and aventurine quartz, these can be dyed and treated with chemicals to mimic jade characteristics. If the company does not list where their jade comes from or what kind of jade it is then the product you are buying is most likely fake.

The idea of facial rolling and gua sha, a cousin to facial rolling done with a flat piece of stone, is to help move the blood in your face and neck so as to not retain fluid. It also is claimed to help with collagen production and decreased inflammation. You can skip the jade and opt for rose quartz (it’s non porous so it won’t inflame acne) or even just your fingers to utilize the benefits of facial massage, which is essentially what facial rollers are doing.

A few tips when performing your facial massage: use an oil or cream to prevent pulling and tugging on the skin, use upward motions, don’t neglect your neck or chest, and repeat daily for the best results.

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