I was reading through a recent article in Dermascope by Dr Christian Jurist titled “10 Things About…Cellulite Management” ( www.dermascope.com/scope-this ) discussing several different modalities professionals use to combat their patients’ cellulite. Treatments like circulatory stimulators, warming, lymph draining were mentioned and it occurred to me that one of our most successful spa/medispa products over the years has all three of those modalities in one device. We call it the Tri-Phasic Resonator (TPR).

We developed the TPR as a stand-alone fat reducing device or as a key step in any spa’s cellulite treatment process. The TPR is used for muscle toning and cellulite reduction utilizing electrical frequencies in conjunction with heat and vibration. Unlike most treatments, the TPR takes advantage of the patented use of three modalities in one pair of handles. So how does it work?

The three modalities utilized – heat, vibration, and electrical current – combine to specifically target the areas where cellulite tends to build up. The heat is used to improve the circulatory system, opening superficial capillaries and re-establishing vascular flow. Vibration assists with movement of fluids and increases penetration of the electrical current into deeper dermal layers. On top of this is the electrical current, which assists in the re-education of muscle.

Each treatment feels like a gym session and patients report dramatic and immediate results – losing inches and a noticeable improvement in muscle definition. Each treatment lasts 30-70 minutes, with 1-2 treatments per week for 3-6 weeks in succession. The TPR carries high ROI for spa owners, with each treatment ranging from $225-$325 per hour. The TPR requires NO Medical Director and technicians report fully booked schedules within a matter of weeks, largely due to word-of-mouth from clientele.

Check out the TPR at alliedbeautyexperts.net/spa-technology or call ABE at 800.444.7546. Ask for Ken.