Many states are beginning to require a higher standard of professional certification to operate cosmetic lasers. Oregon is on the forefront of this and Allied Beauty Experts is proud to have our Certified Laser Professional exam, or CLP, as one of the few tests chosen to determine who can receive the Oregon Advanced Esthetician license. by the Oregon Health Licensing Office. The Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians was created to oversee the safe practice of advanced nonablative esthetics and to ensure that the individuals who are practicing such treatments are qualified to perform them on the public. The Certified Laser Professional laser exam (CLP) falls under Pathway Two – for those technicians seeking a license with at least 168 hours of experience and 40 hours of education. ABE’s CLP exam will test your understanding of how and why a laser is used in the field of esthetics – covering different modalities, skin types, safety, and procedural processes.  It is completely online and consists of 100 questions taken within two hours. You will be focusing on:
  • Laser Basics – what the laser professional should know about how laser light is produced, the different laser systems, the process of photothermolysis, etc.
  • Hair Structure and Skin – what the laser professional should know about the growth of hair, skin layers, lesions, Fitzpatrick Scale, etc.
  • Laser Hair Removal Systems and Treatment – what the laser professional should know about laser parameters, fluence and pulse width, spot size, patient selection, technique, and post-treatment procedures, etc.
  • Laser Safety and General Topics – what the laser professional should know about hygiene, ocular protection, treatments area safety, etc.Test takers get access to the comprehensive study manual, which is often used as a core component to school curricula and desk reference for professionals, and receive a signed, 11″ X 14″ wall mounted certificate enshrining their professional status. Some take the exam to boost their resume and to show off their skill level while others are required to take such an exam for hiring, obtaining a license as an advanced esthetician, or for insurance approval purposes. How to Request Exam Code:
  • Go to and choose “Certification”
  • Click on “Request Exam Code” and follow the prompts
  • Login and enter Exam Code when ready to access the study guide or take the exam
  • For those test takers seeking a license through the Health Licensing Office of Oregon, visit the Oregon HLO website and review the requirements pertaining to your situation. Once you pass, we will notify Oregon by sending the HLO verification of your passing score. If you have any questions, give ABE a call at 800.444.7526