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Burnout: How to Spot it and How to Take Action

Self Care for Burnout Working smarter is the new self care. We have all heard the phrase “I’m burnt out”. From there, the go to advice is self care. This usually means relaxing without the burdens of our problems. While we could all use some rest and relaxation, that time doesn’t bring resolutions to our […]

Jade Rollers: A Solid Staple in Skincare?

Every beauty conscious person is familiar with Jade Rollers is. It could be that you own one, or have had a facial where one was used. Perhaps you just know what it is because you have read an article similar to this one about the product. Jade rollers are stone handled rolling pins with a […]

Green Beauty

Did you know there are over 900,000 salons in the United States? Let’s say that each of those salons has 8 stylists, those stylists see about 200 clients a month, do you know how much waste is generated from those clients? According to, that one salon would be producing about 781lbs of color, 2,300lbs […]

What is vaginal rejuvenation and why should you avoid it?

If you have paid any attention to reality TV or popular media, you may have heard of vaginal rejuvenation. Whether surgical or non surgical, Medispas, clinics and doctors are promising results of tighter, more youthful vaginas with their outpatient procedures. Celebs, like Kim Kardashian and Kelly Dodd, have popularized the non surgical procedures by endorsing […]

Benefits of Choosing Non Invasive Cosmetic Surgery

Whether you want to lose stubborn belly fat, tighten your skin, or look 10 years younger, you may have considered plastic surgery as an option to achieve those goals. An alternative that many are turning to instead of plastic surgery is non invasive cosmetic surgery. A common misconception is that you can only achieve big […]
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