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Workplace Wellness – Our Office Float Tank

I recently read a LinkedIn post from someone getting into floating and wanted to share my experience of having one in our office. I have always been interested in wellness treatments like this - after all, that’s the industry in which I’ve built my business - so when I began to read a bit more about sensory deprivation I had to get one. About two years ago, I installed one in our office and we all use it, for personal and professional reasons.

How Can We Offer Wholesale Liability Insurance Prices?

Having an association with well over 1000 members allows us to negotiate better programs for our members, with ABE’s Spa/Salon/Medispa Insurance being one of the most sought after. 25 years of exclusive focus on this industry has helped us refine what our members need in order to be properly protected. Our insurance policies include:

For Your Spa – Cellulite Reduction with the TPR

I was reading through a recent article in Dermascope by Dr Christian Jurist titled “10 Things About…Cellulite Management” ( ) discussing several different modalities professionals use to combat their patients’ cellulite. Treatments like circulatory stimulators, warming, lymph draining were mentioned and it occurred to me that one of our most successful spa/medispa products over the years has all three of those modalities in one device. We call it the Tri-Phasic Resonator (TPR).

Laser Hair Removal – Are You a Certified Laser Professional?

A recent story projects the multi-billion dollar hair removal industry, especially laser hair removal, to get even bigger.  I posed a question to a number of groups asking if the quality of the technicians performing the laser treatments is keeping up with the industry’s growth.  I’m curious about this because one of our more important programs is our Insurance Program and a large portion of insurance claims are due to laser burns that could have, and more importantly should have, been avoided.