Before the Pandemic beauty retailers such as Ulta and Sephora had taken a huge amount of market share away from department stores. Now that stores are reopening, the way they operate has been restricted and customers are unable to try out products and collect samples. Because of this, beauty brands have been forced to market online to get sales and companies including small businesses are selling via Facebook Shops and other online avenues.

Beauty brands such as L’Oreal, Amazon and others have shown huge growth in online sales. Ads on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms are gearing the marketing tactics of their products towards a fresh, dewy and healthy glow for zoom meetings, online happy hours, etc. Moving away from products meant to show perfect brush technique or the illusion of perfect skin up close in person, to products reflecting a healthy just rolled out of bed and I look perfect instead look. Avid product users have taken this as an opportunity to give their skin a break and switch to more natural and skin healthy products as well.

The purchase of skin care products has always been such an interactive process and now that testers and samples are not available for use in stores, beauty retailers have had to quickly change the way they help customers. Many have transitioned to mailing free samples, and completely changing their brands imagery to encourage people to buy online.

If this experience has taught us anything it is that our economic system is fragile and our income source can be taken away from us without our opinions or financial needs mattering much. Online product sales have been established and utilized so business can stay alive. The fragility of our economy in a situation such as this shows the importance of having an online presence.

The news and data revealing brands having success in online sales is an avenue that should be explored further for small businesses. Whether it be adding hair care products or skin solutions to your website or becoming an Amazon seller it could give small businesses a boost in sales.

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