Renting Out a Chair or Room? Be Extra Diligent With Independent Contractors

One of the most common mistakes we see spa and salon owners make involves instances of renting a chair or room to Independent Contractors. Sometimes these independents are performing services that are well beyond your coverage.

Microblading - What To Look for Before You Buy

Allied Beauty Experts prides itself on continually being on the forefront of the latest and greatest spa, salon, and medispa treatments. By far the most popular treatment for the past year has been microblading. So what should you look for in a training program and practice? Here's three topics all current and potential microblading technicians should review before they buy.

Vaginal tightening

What You Need to Know About Laser Vaginal Tightening

As a spa or salon owner, you're constantly on the lookout for new technology and up-to-date methods for providing clients with all the services they want and more. A recent development that has hit the Med spa industry by storm is laser vaginal tightening.

SEO - what good is an unseen website?

SEO - What good is a website if no one sees it?

The internet can be a very powerful tool for marketing and can be a great way to bring attention to any salon or spa - but not without SEO. What is SEO? SEO or search engine optimization has many benefits to offer a business, and while it may seem like there is very little that goes into it, putting effort into making a site accessible to Google over a sustained period can double the amount of customers that come through the door.

Employees or Independent Contractors?

Are they Independent contractors or Employees? | Newsletter July 2017

Whether you own a medical spa or a day spa, the treatments and services you provide to your clients involve a high level of personal interaction. That personal interaction can be a huge liability risk. Medical spas in particular face larger risks due to the procedures they do, including laser hair removal and other procedures utilizing medical equipment.

Insurance Agents - So What Exactly Is A Medispa?

Our Basic Coverage (Medispa I) is where all of our medispas begin. These places are nice, often luxurious spas often run by a Physician or qualified staff overseen by a Physician. What makes them different from a normal day spa is the level of invasiveness you’ll find. These locations provide injections like Botox or Dysport, dermal fillers like Bellafil, vitamins and collagen, more potent chemical peels, and stronger dermaplaning. These medispas also use their lasers in more invasive procedures than basic laser hair removal.

Microblading is BOOMING

By far the fastest growing trend in our industry was the rise of a form of permanent cosmetics called microblading. Since last Spring, we have received at least 20-30 insurance requests per month from estheticians who are either adding microblading to their current menu or who are starting their own business venture.

Workplace Wellness - Our Office Float Tank

I recently read a LinkedIn post from someone getting into floating and wanted to share my experience of having one in our office. I have always been interested in wellness treatments like this - after all, that’s the industry in which I’ve built my business - so when I began to read a bit more about sensory deprivation I had to get one. About two years ago, I installed one in our office and we all use it, for personal and professional reasons.

Who Helps Spa and Salon Owners Manage Their Risk?

The other day, we were talking to an insurance agent about our spa/salon/medispa liability coverage and a topic came up that we feel very passionate about - especially when it comes to this industry.  The agent asked, “are you a Risk Retention Group?”  He obviously knew what a RRG was and wanted to steer clear of such a company.  Unfortunately, most spa, salon, and medispa owners are not aware of what a RRG is  and why they should be avoided.